Transaction Records
Cash flows at your fingertips. With Clique's Transaction Records you have the bird's eye view of every transactional activity. A feature that saves your time by displaying all successful, failed or pending transactions all at one page.




Transaction Records

in Clique Invoice!


Clique Payments Inc. provides complete invoicing details including invoice number, customer name, invoice date, due date, balance and other essential information all at one one screen.

We ensure that all our clients can store and track the receipts from inside the applications to streamline their financial management. You can also view the status of due invoices to stay updated on unpaid invoices.



Save Profile Online


Our clients can create and save customer profiles within the app accessible anytime they log into the app. The customer profile allows all important details to be saved including credit card credentials, payment option and address information.

You can create as many as customer profiles you want and you can delete at any given time. This feature allows you to send invoices and receive payments instantly from any of your customers without having to enter these details again and again.


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